Sunday, June 1, 2008

Magic Fingers

THIS is funny! Now you can own your very own huge strap on vibrator for your mattress! No more going to cheap hotels with a change-purse full of quarters. Yes ladies, it's true...for only $79.99 you get a one hour self-timed full body massage, that installs in minutes without the use of tools, and is completely portable. If you check out the add, you can see how satisfied and rested the woman in the picture is. She has obviously benefited from "the fingers"!

You too can now know the feeling of magic fingers, as you fade off into blissful slumber. Cheaper than a girlfriend, and that along with a vibrator, a hand held shower massage, and an extensive library of erotica, and possibly a little porn, and plenty to drink...and you won't even notice she's gone. Unless she made your coffee in the morning.


RED MOJO said...

Make it coin-op at home, and take an Olivia cruise next year!

Certain Magician said...

red mojo, An excellent suggestion.