Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Story of Al

"Write a post about sex." she said.

"What should it be about?" I asked.

"Sex." came the obvious reply.

"No, what about sex? I can't just do a bow-chicka-bow-wow post! It has to be the kinkiest sex I've had, or a time I got caught doing it, or something." I whined, trying to put her off the idea of my writing a sex post.

"Fine then, just tell a story, any story, and dedicate it to me." she said, somewhat annoyed.
"No, I can hear your brain cells constricting, it's too much pressure, don't bother." She added in a guilt coated bullet straight to the heart.

So here it is, the story of al. You may have noticed al in the upper right hand corner of my blog. I thought he was cute and wanted to add him, but I let the company post him to my sidebar rather than pasting the code in myself, so he ended up way up at the top, and I didn't like him there.
My girl helped create and name al, and she grew attached to him immediately. She was unhappy about me deleting him, and was sure I would not put him back in a new lower position in my sidebar, so there he is...for now.

We had this exchange over the phone as we are geographically undesirable to one another. When we do see each other it involves airplanes and airfare and suitcases. We usually spend the time we have together holed up having lots and lots of sex, some food, and showering. I suspect if we had more time together we might at some point venture out, and do something together ya know, with clothes on, but we may never know.

She loves the way I move on top of her, the rhythm, the gentleness. I love the way she moves beneath me, the way her thrusts meet mine, the way she sounds, and how it never stays slow and easy for very long. She loves to talk to me and say things she knows will get me excited, and I reciprocate. We know very well what these things are, because we have sex over the phone more often then not, and all we have then, are the things we say. We know what the buzz words and phrases are for each other. We take each other all kinds of wonderful places without ever leaving the house. We don't know if our long distance relationship will ever turn into a real live living together, shopping together, taking turns vacuuming kind of thing, but we do seem to cling to one another very tightly for all the miles between us.

She is my far-away but close to my heart sweetheart, and al is for her, and so is this story.


comfortandjoy said...

My Certain Magician: This makes me want to do things to you. You know the things I mean. ;)


Certain Magician said...

I do know! Thanks sweetie, I'm glad you like it.

Real Live Lesbian said...

So, Baaaaa means yes? ;)

I think I know the things she means, too!

Certain Magician said...

real, Bwaahaha,I'm sure you do

RED MOJO said...

If the two of you weren't seperated by all those miles, she would wear your ass out!
BTW someone is leaving questions for you on MY blog! Please go address that.

Certain Magician said...

red, I guess we are going to find out!

I took care of it. Don't get your panties in a knot!