Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sorry, I'm Spoken For...Kind of

Yes, it's true...Well, actually No, it's not! But my adorable little marble is coming to stay with me for the entire month of August. We have not spent longer than four or five days together up to now, so this is where the rubber meets the road.

Can a mid-fortier keep up with a not quite thirtier in the sack, among other places? I have represented my age group in fine fashion during those relatively short visits. I am a very sexual person, much more so than the average forty seven year old, or so I believe. However, she is a very sexual twenty nine year old, who seems to be able to run on little or no sleep quite easily. I want my eight, but need my six hours of beauty sleep.

I am hoping that you who come here and don't comment, just read, or lurk, or stalk, will help me by answering an anonymous poll about sexual activity. You don't have to comment, or sign in, just pick the appropriate answer.

You know you want to:


comfortandjoy said...

What the hell is a light fandango?

And can't you have sex and still do it? The fandango, I mean?

I'm not sure I would ever skip something called "fandango."

If fandango doesn't mean what I wish it means, can it mean that anyway?

At least for August?

And can we not skip it? But still have sex? 3 or 4 times a day? And can we stay up late?

What I mean to say is, can we have a light fandango and sex? All the time?

And when we do go to sleep can we wake up often and early?

The girl! You want the girl! You can't handle the girl!

You want to be on that girl. You need to be on that girl...

Sorry, that was A Few Good Men.

I just slipped into it, because it's late, but I'm just not tired. And I'm just not tired and horny.

I'm never tired.

I'm always horny.

Yours (For A Whole Month),

Certain Magician said...

I'm in trouble.

Unbalanced said...

Ook... so I answered for the 30 something group. I answered once a week except "that week" but only because that was the closest to the truth. It varies because of my partners medication. If it were up to me it would be at least a few times a week.

Certain Magician said...

Unbalanced, Thank you, and welcome! I'm glad it would be more often if it were up to you. I did this poll because I think I'm abnormally sexual, and I'm just trying to discover whether or not that's true. Plus I thought it would be a fun poll!

Come again. No pun intended!

Unbalanced said...

Thanks for the welcome!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE polls! I've lurked here a couple times and your poll got me to de-lurk. =) All of my partners have thought I was abnormally sexual. Truth is, who knows how much I'd have sex if it were all left up to me, it just never has been, lol.

PS. thanks for checking out my non-blog

comfortandjoy said...


I think I'm allowed to respond to you even though this is not my blog, since this post is partway about me.

And besides, I have Certain Magician wrapped around my marble, so I'm pretty sure I can say whatever I want.

So here's what I want to say:

If you are abnormally sexual or even just abnormal, this is absolutely the blog for you.



Unbalanced said...

C&J - that was some compliment there girl lol!!! thank you for making me feel welcome. likewise i celebrate my abnormalities as they help to make up the whole of who i am :-D

comfortandjoy said...


My Certain Magician is off making magic, and I'm sure when she gets back later she'll be thrilled to see that I have staged a coup in her comments section, but I just had to tell you that I'm so glad you took that as a compliment!

You're my kind of girl.


Certain Magician said...

cj, I'll admit to being wrapped since you admitted to being whipped!

unbalanced, I'm glad you feel welcome, and happy to see you back so soon. We really roll out the red carpet around here for people who actually comment!

Unbalanced said...

well thank you both for the red carpet treatment =)

and i'll be sure to throw my 2 cents in since it's so well like lol

RED MOJO said...

I know I'm late, but I took your poll anyway. I answered for every age group, because I've been there except for the fifty-somethings, but I just made my best guess! :) I may have skewed your results even further hahhaahaa.

Unbalanced said...

How's this for stupid... I can no longer get to your blog at work (where I spend 99% of my online time) BUT I can get to this comment section only! lol.

So... as soon as I delurked, I'll be lurking again. I can still read your posts from my feed reader at work so I'll be reading but I won't be able to comment from here at work and I rarely get online at home. ugh!

So... good luck C&J with your bar exam!!! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you. =)