Monday, July 28, 2008

Now Here's This...

photo by Bansky

First of all I would like to thank everyone who participated in my survey. I have collected all the data, and analyzed it, and according to my findings...I was able to draw one lurker out into the comments section!

Thank you unbalanced!

No one else even bothered to make an anonymous selection. With three responses from three, what I'm pretty sure are over-sexed women, it leaves my findings somewhat inconclusive. But that's not what this post is about!

My adorable little marble, Comfort and Joy, the very gifted writer of the blog A Shining Wreck, is going to begin taking the California Bar Exam tomorrow. It's a three day long test that she has been studying for since she graduated from law school back in May. She has worked really hard and long on this, and could use your positive thoughts, prayers, wishes, voodoo, mojo, or anything else you have just lying around.

This has been a grueling process and has taken a bit of a toll on CJ, so please let her know you're pulling for her either here, or at her blog. When it's all over...we will be having sex for most of August!

Thanks for your kind thoughts and support.


comfortandjoy said...

Is it most of August yet?

Love you,

RED MOJO said...

I did wish CJ luck on her blog, but wanted to come here today and say...It's August!

When are you going to post??!!!

What are doing? Why aren't you coming to my blog, or posting?


Real Live Lesbian said...

Congrats to CJ for coming so far! And best wishes to her!